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A review of Madama Butterfly at San Francisco Opera Excerpt: "The pace throughout the performance was sure and light, ever springing forward, thanks to the deft hand of stage director Jose Maria Condemi, known for his excellent work with California regional companies and now increasingly busy with top-tier productions like this one. His touch was everywhere: i.e. the simple bow with which Butterfly and Suzuki say goodbye before the suicide"

Rondine opened and reviewed!

My new production of La Rondine for Opera San Jose opened last night to wonderful audience and critical reception. Here's a few review excerpts: "Opera San Jose's luscious new production of Puccini's "La Rondine" left its opening-night audience cheering — and emotionally spent, wrung out like a dishrag.Stage director Jose Maria Condemi — he will direct twice at San Francisco Opera in the coming months — keeps the through-line thrumming and the actors on their toes: I have never seen Bengochea so convincing as an actor as he was in his long heartbreaking duet with Davis at the opera's close.The production, whose gears meshed ever more smoothly as Saturday's performance moved along, also is visually stunning. With their Ingrès-like elegance and Tiffany-bright colors, drew us into the vanished Parisian world of sumptuous salons and gaslit nightclubs."

San Jose Mercury News

"The charming and committed production that opened Saturday night at the California Theatre made that case with straightforward eloquence.Director Jose Maria Condemi - working with a bright and ebulliently colorful production  ensured that the scenario made its dramatic points cleanly and without excess. In one especially touching sequence, the entire clientele of Bullier's, the nightclub in Act 2, watches with a combination of prurience and sympathy as Magda and the naively provincial Ruggero fall in love."

San Francisco Chronicle

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